Help from our friends

We're working hard to bring about change in our community but we can't do it alone. We work with various partners who help us with resources, finances and skills.

Hull City Council (HCC) and C4DI have been working together to nurture a community led exploration of how rapid and real improvements can be delivered. Early in 2018 C4DI organised a Smart City Kickoff event and HCC provided support and encouragement. From this emerged the Connected Humber group. HCC has also assisted by purchasing 18 Things Network gateways to kickstart a city wide public LoRa network.

C4DI organised the Smart City kickoff event, is playing a key role in galvanising the technical community behind this programme, and is supporting Connected Humber with technology and a physical meeting space.

Kcom, Connexin and Pure Broadband are supporters and are offering assistance wherever possible. Pure Broadband have generously offered free access to their WiFi network for gateway backhaul. Each have their own proprietary commercial networks but are nevertheless willing to collaborate with Connected Humber in the interests of the community.