Creating a connected local community
Building technology skills and empowering the local community


Connecting the Community

We're building an open IoT network for the Humber region
that will allow anyone to create services and applications.

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Getting Together

Regular meetups keep us moving forwards. We‘d love to see you at one.

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We make things

We take a project-focused approach to building a local technical community.

We believe that by focusing effort on specific areas we can build solutions and experience that will benefit everyone.

Building Skills

Making things builds skills. Creating devices, networks and services is a great way to learn at every level.

Empowering data

Presenting data to the community in a useable way will empower them to make informed decisions.

We Are Connected Humber

We’re a group of tech-enthusiasts, engineers, hackers and anyone else who cares to join in.


Our members include students and lecturers, retirees and employees, people from the public and private sectors, those working in tech, those who would like to, and those for who tech is a hobby.


What joins us together is a collective interest in new technology and a belief that we can use our skills and experience to deliver meaningful change for our region.

We aim to...

  • Explore and pioneer emerging technologies such as LoRa.
  • Build demonstration applications that deliver real value and help the wider community understand the potential that technology offers.
  • Focus local skills and energy into a concentrated effort to achieve more.
  • Provide training and development for technical people wishing to build skills in the emerging technologies.

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Contact Details

The easiest way to make contact with us is via our discussion forum on Mattermost.

We also hold regular meetups. Why not come along?